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The Lovey Dovey Effect!

Look, he has a backup! so do i.

Someone Truly said, “bachelors should be taxed heavily. it’s not fair that some men should be happy than others.” after watching the new Bollywood love movies like Love ka the end, pyaar ka punchnaama, mujhse fraandship karoge, miley na miley hum etc… i got to learn one thing in my mind. “Kabhi pyaar me mat padna.”

The only good thing which happens when we fell in love is that we (Man) start being sensitive and sentimental and stop watching movies like The Die Hard, Texas chainsaw massacre and whatnot, only to start downloading and watching shitty love-com like Friends with Benefits & PS I love you. I mean there’s nothing wrong in the movies, the movies are good, they are made for the people to watch but c’mon we (Man) aren’t suppose to watch Love-com or S*itty Animation-love flicks like the one in toy story (Mr. & Mrs. Potato-head).

Man needs to be man and woman needs to be whatever she wants! what gives me the right to say that, you ask? My two past relationships, that’s the answer. I have been called a liar and an Egotistical, Self-Centered, Self-Righteous and a prick. And why is that you might ask? because apparently i dont give someone enough space,“Kyon, Main tumhaari god(Lap) mein  baitha hoon?”.

Let’s commit a perfect crime, I’ll steal your heart & you’ll steal mine. Yeh sab Facebook ke status ke liye hi bane hain. dont implement it in your real life. Personally, i have a love life motto and i would love to share it with dear readers here:

Love: The one way ticket to heart break city!

Do you have a friend who’s very wounded in love? then please click the share button and post it in his facebook. Make him read this and show him he’s not alone!

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Line of the year,”Facebook Me”.

Facebook Addiction

Facebook. This word means a lot. According to Wikipedia Facebook was launched in February of 2004 and it was created for the betterment of people. It can help you to stay closer with your friends and family and even with your colleagues when you’re actually miles away from them enjoying your holiday in Hawaii.

Facebook started out as a Fire causing many people to love it and also hate it. Let’s just take a 7 year leap like it happens in Ekta kapoor’s TV show. It’s 2011 and Where is Facebook? it’s here between us and its a biggest part of our life, i mean an average teenager’s life. Kids are crazy and going gaga all over facebook.

I remember one incident which i wud love to share with my readers, My neighbor’s 15 year son is on Facebook and its all because of me because i made him an account and after that his dad came to me and said, “Anmol mera bhi ek account bana de Facebook par?”. eventually i agreed, had no choice! I made his dad an account and they both send me friend requests which i ended up accepting. right now my neighbor’s son has more friends on his facebook account than me and he is creating one moe account on facebook. And do you wanna know what the reason is for creating two accounts on facebook. “Are yaar ek account me bahut saare friends aa gaye yaar, i need a change now. ;)”

It happens only in Facebook. A Girl gets 60-70 likes on profile pic and gets comments like, “Wow, looking real beauty, kahaan se kharidaa?”

A guy post is pic saying “my new hair cut cool na?” and all his friends go crazy over his new haircut and everyone is like”mast dikh raha hai, cool dude you!, koi ladki impress ho jayegi” utter bullshit. girls dont get impressed with hairstyles.

“I lost my heel vaale sandels! :(” Who cares you have the time to post it on facebook but you dont have the time to search for it. and no one will like this status! the guys will ask “How, kaise hua yeh?” and the girls will be commenting shit like ” jaa ke Hiranandani complex se naye leke aa, XYZ mall me achha sale laga hai, chal mai bhi aati hoon lene.”

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