2012: The new year resolutions, The best year of my life!

SH!t Happens

Live With No Regrets!

So, it’s 13th Jan of 2012 and let me take you back to 31st December 2011 on new years Eve.

I stayed up on new years eve up to 3.30 and some guy who called himself Lady Gaga caused a ball to drop in New York city. Some people cheered, while some thought that it was just a waste of time and went back to sleep, some people made out and sticked their tongue down to each others throats and i saw it on the local news channel. But i was mainly interested in watching mallika sherawat performance and it did not happen. :(. I met my friends and we partied, ate some snacks clicked some snaps and went to sleep. but, then suddenly one thing happened, as soon as i woke up.

Nothing Happened… Everything was exactly same, same Fu*king thing! 😦

C’mon i was expecting something amazing or a miracle to happen! and why not? it’s 2012- The year of the MAYAN APOCALYPSE!

There should be something different this year. I don’t want my new year or the last year in my life go boring. So, let’s spice it up with my resolutions. I usually don’t believe in resolutions myself but, somehow i got a feeling to do something different this year. Something my family or my friends or people who stay close to me but not so close can remember about it.

In the newly fresh year I’ve been overtaken with ambition. No, i am not going to do any kinda social work and help the blind children because everybody does it and better than me. so here’s my resolution.

“I will try and make my world a better place and with it i will make a difference within the people among me.”

I didn’t tell anything about it to anyone. So i thought why not express my feelings the way i do the best, and that’s by writing and posting it.

But, there is also slight change in my resolutions. I plan to implement every word of my resolutions through my BLOG. HEHE!

For the first time in my life, i actually created a goal for myself. that is the sign of me growing up. Mostly would agree and some person would disagree this. but yeah, I can make this 2012 the best year of my entire life.

Do you have any kinda Resolutions that you would like to take this new year. Warning: This  year might bring the end of the world as you know it.


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Thanks for reading My #Life.


About Anmol Jani

You think you've got the whole world figured out, haven't you? I haven't. I'm ready to be surprised.

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  1. Interesting opinion on new year resolutions. i’ll take one too,,

  2. New year Resolutions are boring

  3. Hey, Anmol i am now a regular reader of your blog. i started reading your first post and i was like, this is an amateur writer and i thought you cant stick with the blog. but hell, you’ve beat the odds.and your way of writing is freestyle and it has improved vastly. well, your posts are getting interesting to read and i am now following your blog. New week, new post!

    Mohit Shastry

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