I’m being me

The Golden Words

I play many parts in my life. I can be a son,brother, friend,leader,assistant etc..

I also play different characters like i be a good boy in my classes, do all the homework and always punctual. While, i can be an average in home just helping my mom in her household chores. But i’m beyond all this characters and all the stuff that i do to impress my mom or my teacher, I play a major role of being me… me who is uniquely me. What if i be me(Myself) all the time?

There’s a wonderful story about a rabbi who dies and goes toheaven. He has led a devoted life, following as closely as he could inthe footsteps of the prophets and sages, and so, naturally, he expectsGod to greet him with praise. But when the rabbi arrives at thepearly gates, God just looks at him and says, “I made you uniquelyyou. Why did you spend your life trying to be someone else?”

There’s only one person who can give an answer to this question ,” What’s it like being me?”.  this blog helps me a lot. This blog helped me to explore a variety of approaches to help me connect with my true-self.

In a recent New York Times article, neuroscientist Bruce S. McEwen of Rockefeller University pointed out:

We’re now living in a world where our systems are not allowed a chance to rest, to go back to base line. They’re being driven by excess calories, by inadequate sleep, by lack of exercise, by smoking, by isolation, or frenzied competition.

Why is there so much rush to go anywhere? The people are walking going by a car on motorbike faster, faster and faster just achieve what? Success, Money, Fame. That’s it. The thing is that no one is going away from earth alive. We, have sometime to spend on planet earth. Then, why not make it count and make it more useful, utilize it for the best? why not slow down and enjoy the path of self-discovery?

“In the pursuit of learning, every day something is acquired, and in the pursuit of spirit, every day something is dropped.”

Let us all feel lighter and more freeer

“You are not your bank account, or your ambitiousness.
You’re not the cold clay lump with a big belly you leave
behind when you die.
You’re not your collection of walking personality disorders.
You are spirit, you are love.”

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About Anmol Jani

You think you've got the whole world figured out, haven't you? I haven't. I'm ready to be surprised.

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  1. you are one hell of a thinker ajj. job well done!

  2. after reading the post……. i think i am in live with u. 😉

  3. I was afraid my new fav. blogger has stopped blogging. but this new post blew my mind.

  4. OMG!!!! I’m impressed

  5. kya kuch bhi time pass? i got so confused

  6. what a wonderful post! added to my fav.

  7. gagandeep vaidya

    wonderful words chosen by you

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