The Secret in Loving Yourself

Soul awareness is easy to get into and just as easy to fall out of.We fall out of Soul awareness so easily because the world wants us to go that way.The material world has a billion distractions,so you need to watch where you place your focus and be careful what you create.If you want Soul, find joy in yourselfand in everything around you.

This WONDERFUL thing that you call LIFE is not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.

I, Me & Myself.

By getting to know yourself, you get to start loving yourself. Don’t just love the good part of you, start expressing your love towards your good, bad, light and dark. feel all the sides of your life, once you feel it, you start in believing it. And by believing in it you’ll start to like it and end up falling in love with it.

This is an interesting thing which happens in everyone’s life. When you don’t like a part in your life, you always try to fight it and eventually you will give up. Then you start to disown that part through many processes like denial, self judgement, you feel like being a victim of the situation and then you start to disconnect yourself from that part of your life spiritually and emotionally.

through the negative vibrations around and inside you, you start feeling weak emotions and that is when you attack your life and weaken its growth.

The Soul, which is motionless in its purity,cannot be reached by the mind,which is usually moving.The mind is going too fastto enter the frequency of Spirit.

The negative vibrations make you reject the true-self and makes you a wannabe and that wannabe lives in anger, worry and fear. We must Embrace all the good and the bad, all the hate and suffering, just embrace it. Don’t worry though, the true-self in you can never get the hate running in your veins. The true-self  is a bliss, a true soul, a sign and a part of god. By being true to yourself, you can get authentic power and that power is to love yourself. By being someone whom you are not faithful to, then it can lead to problems your true-self, Emotionally and Mentally.

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream,not only plan, but also believe.
                   – Anatole France

The physical world is full of errors and frustrations and mistakes. They are all opportunities to refine your level of awareness so you can get closer to who you are. Who you are is so subtle that many of you have been in your Soul and out the other side without realizing it. The Soul is a small, integral unit of energy, yet the cosmos and all the universes are contained within it. The Soul is the prototype for all existence. It goes beyond the intellect.

True to ourselves, we lead a healthier life physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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  1. the best line in the whole post is this:
    “This WONDERFUL thing that you call LIFE is not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.”.
    amazing anmol, thanks for posting.

    Arni vaidya

  2. OMG i ❤ this

  3. radhika salaskar

    I love it! the quotes are the best

  4. ajj, looks like you got a new reader on your blog this stuff that you write is awesome. thanks for the soul awareness qoutes

  5. “To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream,not only plan, but also believe.”.

    anmol you did the same thing.

  6. everything you write in your blog is truth. good, you are improving ajj

  7. where do you get all the quotes. i want all that

  8. nicely written. sharp truth

  9. anmol, i have bee reading all your posts and i think you have done an exceptional job on this blog. kudos!

  10. you did a good work on the blog as always keep doing it.

  11. really meaningful thoughts

  12. an entertaining post!

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