The CrackBerry Syndrome!

Crack the berry!

A slang term used to describe an over reliance on and almost obsessive need to use one’s Blackberry. Blackberry addiction has become a prevalent condition for many professional and non-professional users of the Blackberry device. Some common symptoms of Blackberry addiction include constant checking of emails and texts, answering phone calls at inappropriate times and the need to always have the smartphone device within reach.

Due to the addictive nature of the device, the device is often referred to in popular culture as the “crackberry”.

Since the introduction of Blackberry into the markets, people are getting addicted to it, many users have playfully described themselves as Blackberry addicts. Many CEOs and high-ranking business professionals have admitted to being over-reliant on their smartphone and many “detox” articles and news stories have been published. Many businesses have gone so far as to ban Blackberries from meetings and company events.

The small device creates in effect in many of its users a true addiction. Risk groups: professionals and managers,imagine what happens when they get an error massage such as blackberry error 523.

“A dependency to BlackBerry appears like every other addiction,” says the psychologist. Just like hard drug junkie that injects to prevent missing the user’s BlackBerry develop the necessity to check to ensure it to not miss anything. And like other addictions, addiction BlackBerry takes the type of a compulsion. “We are able to also think that the BlackBerry addicts produce other problems, for example workaholism (the condition of workaholics).” The workaholism focuses on work and productivity, and also the device responds perfectly for this need. Not being able to consult could cause anxiety or guilt, or perhaps a “strong craving”. Exactly how should we fight? “We control the utilization or terminates it”,like several addictions, the BlackBerry will probably affect anyone.

‘BlackBerry’ addiction: There are countless media reports of males in management and other professional occupations who are allegedly addicted to their Blackberry (or ‘Crackberry’ as the media often likes to term it). Symptoms include such things as (i) hearing a “phantom rings” and/or experiencing phantom vibrations, (ii) constantly checking e-mails and/or texts. Apparently, the content of emails and texts makes the person feel important and (like ‘tanorexia’) helps raise a person’s self esteem. Although I have often written and researched into ‘technological addictions’ I have yet to come across a case of genuine case of Blackberry addiction myself. If such an addiction does exist, there are also issues around whether the Blackberry is just a means to fuel particular addictive behavior (e.g., texting) or whether people are addicted to the Blackberry itself.

Man in bed with wife, slides his hand slowly across her back & shoulders, down towards her legs, moves back towards top & stops.Wife gasps: “Why did u stop?”Man: “Found my Blackberry, u can go to sleep now 😛
  1. You think the iPhone would be much better if it only had a physical keyboard.
  2. You sign-up on Facebook or Twitter just to try the Blackberry apps.
  3. You learn to drive with your knees!
  4. You start worrying if your Blackberry red light doesn’t flash for more than 10 minutes and check if something is wrong.
  5. You BBM your friend in class even though he is sitting right next to you.
  6. You’ve completely forgotten that a blackberry is a fruit!
  7. You wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and end-up checking your blackberry.
  8. You bumped into someone at least once ’cause you were Blackberry walking & you sometimes cross the street while texting!
  9. You’re probably reading this from your Blackberry.
And most important of all, you never go to the bathroom without your Blackberry

I thought that the only pain you get from a Blackberry device is the “Blackberry Thumb” because of -you know- too much typing… etc. but it also causes some severe Neck Aches. Even though researchers still say there’s no evidence to conclude that smartphones are injurious to health, it is commonly known that most of us do not hold their Blackberry devices to their eye-level while texting, browsing or playing games which is the main reason why we suffer from neck aches & look like Hunchback of Notre Dame! :D

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