Phir Dil Do?

Sachin Tendulkar & Mahendra Singh Doni:

Many consider them as heroes, some may consider them as god. At the end of the day, they make the people of India happy and they go home or the hotel to sleep on a very cozy bed with a big fat CHECK. The people of India Adore them, they even buy their kids insurance or Bike because of them. The people reward them with superordinate recognitions in Indian Army or Indian Navy, which otherwise are given to defense or navy men who overcome years of struggle and possess an outstanding experience in their respective fields.

I Burst your BUBBLE. They are People, not celebs or actor or item girls they are just people. they have two hands and legs and they know how to use them for their own good. Just like us. They are our Indian cricketers who are not matching up to the expectations of many cricket lovers these days, thus inviting ridicule from every corner. Nevertheless, there is every possibility that one win in any of the upcoming matches might bring back all that adulation. We Indians I tell you!

I open the newspaper and there’s no talk about a new Movie that Katrina is signing. i read the” Saif Ali Khan beats up a Biz Man” story. it was quiet hilarious. 🙂 then i flip some pages skip the health column( None of my concern) and i reach to the Sports column and the headlines say. ” PHIR DIL DO HOCKEY KO”. Then i read that Indian hockey team played brilliantly in the Olympic Qualification tournament. Whereas it is a matter of pride that we are excelling in our national sport, that too with limited support and resources.

There’s just one small article in the left side of the page and rest of the page was filled with CRICKET SH!T…

Why is it only about cricket all the time? And if Indian cricket team is performing badly these days, they are not to blame. We hype even the tiniest wins and reward cricketers with hell lot of monies. We form over the top expectations and media simply fuels them!:(

Be it Olympics or any other international games, I don’t know if there are enough players representing our country. Given the limited importance India gives to sports other than cricket, it takes a very strong will and confidence for a non-cricket enthusiast to even aspire about reaching heights in their respective game. And cricket is not even a part of Olympics, so whom do we have to represent India internationally? It is truly sad that we are not even extending moral support to Indian hockey players or others who reached a commendable stage of their career and are now gearing to show their talent to the world.

Cricket is NOT the only sport we have, but Cricket is THE sport we’re excessively concentrating on, unfortunately! It is time that we think beyond cricket. Beyond Sachin’s retirement and Dhoni’s leadership. I agree that Cricket is a sport the Nation is probably obsessed with, but we MUST allow other sports to share the limelight, not just a mention in the news.

Phir dil do hockey ko, Abe dhakkan cricket ke sadme se toh bahar ane de!


About Anmol Jani

You think you've got the whole world figured out, haven't you? I haven't. I'm ready to be surprised.

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  1. chocluvinggal

    got one word for this post. Amazing. it’s actually an eye opener for all the cricket fans that they should support team india in Olympics for hockey.

  2. i love cricket but i also love hockey bcoz it is also our national sport. i think everyone should support hockey because the players work real hard to earn respect in hockey with very much limited resources.

  3. gagandeep vaidya

    I totally agree with you in this post you have said it very well. i mean lets take an example the hockey players dhanraj pillai who is an amazing player in hockey lives in a very poor home. he didn’t thought for a minute that he should not play hockey and join the tv shows and do advertisements to earn some good money. NO! he didn’t do it he sticked to hockey. and he is loyal towards him. where as talk about dhoni the captain of indian cricket team does so many advertisements and makes so much money that he can make his own swiss bank account. and also cricketers like harbhajan singh got to wrestling shows and start making money by wrestling. this is pure and utter bullshit!

  4. i dont know why people are so much crazy for cricket. it’s a stupid sport and it is always fixed?

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