The Lovey Dovey Effect Returns!

People who are just 17 years old cant deny that their love is just short term and it’s not going to workout between those two 17 years toddler couple because people change and so do their priorities. But, when you get hit by that love arrow hit by the cupid of  love, no matter how big stud you are or you’re just a silent guy like me,  when  you fall in love, you start doing weird things. First of all, its not easy to fall in love, you need to have feeling for that special’s like being electrocuted or getting exposed to Love Rays. when you’re in a relationship, Shit Happens! You start sharing your feeling, your deepest darkest secrets and desires to that special someone. And then comes the time of  The Lovey Dovey Conversations. let me show you some of the Lovey Dovey Conversations between a couple who are in a relationship. Now, keep in mind i will reveal some true hidden meanings behind the conversations.

Boy: hey, I was sleeping, sorry i  couldn’t take your calls.

(I was Watching Cricket match and also wanted to witness Sachin make a century but, thanks for disturbing?)

Girl: It’s Ok! i know you had a reason for not picking up my phone earlier.

(I Actually called to breakup because you’re not answering any of my calls, Bhaago Bhaiya.)

Girl: Will you be there with me always?

(Or should i start looking for someone else?)

Boy: Yes, of course i will be! always.

(Even Though your mom’s hotter than you.)

Girl: How do i look?

(I always look beautiful in this, Duh!)

Boy: Terrific. Wow! an Angel on Earth.

(Your mom’s still hotter than you.)

Girl: what do you think of Rima? She’s a pain in the ass, she made me cry. 😦

(I Hate her, you should hate her too. )

Boy: She’s a Bitch. How can she make an angel like you cry?

(Oh God! thanks for making rima!!!)

Girl: I think i’m a burden on you.

(Say Yes and leave, I like Vishal.)

Boy: I think you deserve better.

(Oh! thanks god, Rima here i come.)

Anyways, this was just fun, i respect the lovers and their feelings, if you didn’t like it, Sue me!

Until Next time, Cheers. 🙂


About Anmol Jani

You think you've got the whole world figured out, haven't you? I haven't. I'm ready to be surprised.

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