My Computer torments me like my Girlfriend

There are 99.9% of youth in India who would love to have a healthy relationship with a girl right now as we speak. But Interestingly, i fall in the category of that 0.01% who doesn’t want a relationship right now as we speak. Experts & Researchers say that being in a relationship can really be a torment if you’re Girlfriend is blessed with this irritating/annoying gift to nag. and you can find it in every women. it just comes like an inbuilt package, you cant uncheck it and look for other options. Being a man. i sometimes feel handicapped and as all of you know i’m a fun loving guy and a Violence Free guy, since then, my Computer loves to exploit me. 😦


Yes, the same PC that i got it in 2001 and my father gave it for service and maintenance in 2005 and i am still stuck with its low speed, the problem is that it loves to exploit me, she takes advantage of my care free and easy going nature. It annoys me in the morning and in the noon and also @ the night. It also comes up with new ideas and opportunities to irritate me, especially when i am doing an important work like making a project or setting up a hardware server. I spend almost all the 24 hours on the internet, that’s what my work  demands me to do and i do it. so, it’s like a relationship that i share with me and my PC. and we just celebrated our 11th anniversary in February. So, like a truly devoted, Indian Girlfriend, my pc has taken the holy task of irritating me and tormenting me whenever she gets the chance.

But, on the brighter side, there are days, when my PC spares me the agonies and lets me do my work without any glitch….. (rare moments of its friendly mood). So, that’s my story…..Me….. an earthly soul carrying the cross of the sinful technology..…

And, did I tell you that my PC  is looking for its lost sibling (the ‘Kumbh Ka Mela’ effect)? This cousin, says my PC, is much more annoying and is, currently, unleashing itself on an unknown, helpless Indian in some remote corner of the country…….Do tell me if this ‘helpless Indian’ is you.

Kindly Share my tragic story with your friends and increase my blog’s popularity and i wish you a PC/Laptop hanging free life! 🙂


About Anmol Jani

You think you've got the whole world figured out, haven't you? I haven't. I'm ready to be surprised.

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