I Am Anmol Jani

Allow me to give you my brief Intro.

I can: Drive car, ride a motorcycle, type at 70 wpm, jump off 6 feet wall, go on long walks, get angry, skate, crack good jokes, install software, write computer programs and test them, forgive stupid people, take multiple responsibilities, hold breath for 40 seconds, dance, give good advise, do good job etc.

I Cannot: Walk on the water, tolerate non sense, like snakes, send SMS to reality show contestants, watch TV for more than 1 hour, do nothing for more than 30 minutes, play chess & carrom, remain away from internet, be dull & silent for hours, watch a cricket match etc.

Smoking: No , Alcohol: No, Drugs: No, Caffeine: Yes.

I Like: India, you, Honda Activa, traveling, night driving, photography, Nike shoes, Dilbert comics etc.

I Don’t like: Poverty, friends who are not in touch, people who leave India and think they’re wise, people without a purpose in life, non-veg food.

My Purpose of Existence: To make the place a better place to live and in the process…

Things to do before i die:
Buy a Volkswagen New Beetle.
Start & grow a dozen companies.
Publish my writings.


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