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5 Minute Read (5mr): A Day is Nothing More Than a Day

I’ve started this new ‘thing’ called “5mr”. It gives you a inspirational or philosophical point of view. I found these text on the internet and i want you guys to read it too. I’ll try and post it every week, preferably every Sunday. Hope you guys like what you read and implement these things in your life too.

What makes a day good or bad? Do you let events outside of your control define these labels? Or are YOU in control of your happiness?

Time and time again, on Facebook, twitter, in conversations, there is always someone that is having a bad day. Is it you? Well, if you are having a bad day, why? You locked your keys in your car? Slipped on the ice? People treated you badly? Woke up late? Stubbed your toe? Cussed out by your boss? Got a speeding ticket? Just feel like shit? Whatever the reason, no matter how small or large, you must learn to take responsibility and realize that it is YOU that is deciding to label the day bad. Yes, many things can and will happen that are outside of your control. These may not align with your definition of a “good day”. There will be many events that occur that you oppose. This is normal, this is life. However, whether you know it or not, you are in complete control of how you respond to these situations.

Let’s say you lock your keys in your car when you’re already late for work. The event already happened, the keys are stuck and you’re late. Yes, this does suck. Yes, it is easy to be frustrated over this situation. There is nothing you can do to change the fact that you locked your keys in your car and you’re late. Time does not go backwards. Trying to fight something that can not be changed is simply insane. If this were to happen to you, would you get angry? Would you be frustrated? Would this be a start to a bad day? If so, consider this – How you feel, at any moment, is completely your responsibility. Frustration and anger are not caused from the event, they are caused from your reaction to the event.

“But things just keep going wrong today!” Then why make it worse by labeling the day as bad? A day is nothing more than a day. You have to eventually realize that the day or experience is only bad because you are deciding that it is bad. I find it interesting that when pointing this out to anyone who is having a “bad day” how often it is completely rejected. “It’s not my fault I’m angry!” Yes it is. “It’s not my fault I’m frustrated!” Yes it is. Denying this is completely irresponsible.

Note that you’re not taking responsibility for the event. It may not be your fault that so-and-so said such-and-such, or that someone stole your phone, but if you’re upset over the episode, it’s all on you. It’s completely insane and unconscious to claim that you can not change your reaction to a situation. Are you a mindless drone? Take some conscious action and stop acting helpless.

It may feel like it is beyond your control. It may be so ingrained in your mind that when x happens you need to react with y. Perhaps x = someone yelling at you and y = crying. The reaction could be unconscious, but you need to learn to shift this to your conscious mind. You don’t always have to follow x with y. You are a conscious self aware being after all, right?

I’m definitely not suggesting never feeling sad, upset, frustrated, or angry. I’m pretty sure I would sound crazy if that were the case. But the first step is to understand that you are reacting. Just become aware of it. Notice how it feels. The next time you feel your body switching into anger mode, shift into the present moment. Don’t just count to 10. Feel how you feel. Notice the reaction. Once the awareness of your reaction becomes more apparent, it’s then time to shift from reaction to response. Yes, you can consciously respond to any situation in any way you choose rather than unconsciously reacting. Flail your arms in the air right now. Who did that? You did. In the same way, you can choose to respond to anything however you wish.

Of course, physical pain is completely different. If someone punches you in the face it’s not your fault you feel pain. You’re hurt because of the fist, not because you’re choosing to be hurt. If you catch the flu and are puking your guts out, you can’t just choose to feel healthy. But even in a situation like this, you can choose to not whine, complain and act helpless. You can still be happy even when you don’t feel like it. There is still a response you can give to something like this.

Hoping for a good day tomorrow goes against all logic. Why hope for a good day? Why not just decide to have a good day? And why tomorrow, why not now? Tomorrow never even really exists, you never live in tomorrow, you always live in today, in the now. So, instead of wishing a good or bad day, from now on I’m just going to wish for a day. You either have a day or you don’t and I’d prefer to have one.

So, with that being said, I hope you all have a day today.


You might be suffering from C.D.W.S.

Anamika was a smart, intelligent girl. She had graduated from a top-engineering college last year and had joined a very reputed MNC. She had made her parents proud. Real proud!

Anamika’s parents had lived all their days in frugality saving for her education and now their daughter was drawing a five digit salary. They had to be proud. Anamika, too, was on the top of the world making sure her parents now had access to all the comforts her money could buy. New TV, refrigerator, washing machine, food processor, a high-end smartphone for herself. She had got them everything.

Then suddenly one day Anamika came home like she had fell in a hell hole. Her parents asked her what had happened. She said she didn’t knew. She was walking on her way back home and had fell in some uncovered manhole on the road. Her parents were worried but they forgot about it as an accident.

However few days later the same thing happened again. She had the same reply – She didn’t knew how she fell into it. Now things started getting a ‘Lil more weird. Anamika would be falling while walking in the office alleyways, at times on her office floor. Sometimes she would just go bump into people or walls or lift doors. Her parents got real worried. They asked her to take leave from the office for few days and take rest at home. She did. But things didn’t change. She would fall while visiting the bathroom from the bedroom, at times stumble and fall while visiting the kitchen. Once she even bumped into the refrigerator.

Her dad took her to a hospital. There were several tests done but nothing came out. The doctors were confused themselves. They hadn’t seen something this strange in years of their medical careers. Unable to help they asked her parents to take her home and just take good care of her. And they did!

Then one day Raj came over to visit her at her home. Raj was a childhood friend and a family acquaintance. Raj was a medical student completing his final years of college. Anamika’s father told Raj about her condition and how worried he was about her. Raj asked him since when had all this started. He explained him all about the new job at the MNC, the money, the joy it brought, the home appliances, the smartphone etc.etc.

Raj immediately told him – Uncle, I think I know what she’s suffering from. It’s called “Compulsive Depressive Whatsapp Syndrome” Just deactivate the Whatsapp on her phone and she’ll be normal again. No more falling on stairs, roads, office desks, bumping into walls or people. This – my friend – is how Raj saved Anamika’s life.

Moral : Don’t keep looking into your smartphone while walking.

So, do you have Compulsive Depressive Whatsapp Syndrome? (C.D.W.S.)

Post originally taken from The Frustrated Indian of Facebook.

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An advice for 2014.

The year 2013 is gonna end? Is it? Isn’t it a bit too early for this year to end? So many questions and not many answers. 😦

I’m writing this in the middle of the night on my phone. I am tired and i can’t sleep. So, i am gonna give you an advice which comes to you FREE! FREE! FREE! I’ve got some great things lined up for myself and my followers in the next year. I know you do too! I can’t wait to hear your new years resolutions on Facebook.

Do what you love. Keep your brain sharp and read this:

There will always be setbacks. You will make mistakes. Others will also do the same. You are not born on this earth to entertain anyone. You can’t please everyone! There will be some people who will try to keep you on their level when they see you trying to rise ahead. Stay true to what you are and why you’re doing it. That’s what makes you a true person. Find compelling reasons to continue when the going gets tough.

Do what you love because you love it, not to please other people! Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it.

Welcome! This is 2014.

Long Live Revolution: The Story of Sardar Bhagat Singh (2)

Long Live Revolution

Long Live Revolution

It is not the purpose here to trace the history of the revolutionary movement in India. Up to 1914 there were scattered secret organizations, mostly in the province of Bengal, but some outside it also. On the outbreak of the World War, the various organizations saw an opportunity to raise the standard of rebellion throughout India. With this purpose, such eminent revolutionaries as Rash Bihari Bose, Jatin Mukherjee, Sachin Sanyal, V. G. Pingley, Sardar Kartar Singh, Thakur Prithwi Singh, Baba Sohan Singh and others joined together and made elaborate plans in conjunction with some Sikh and Rajput regiments to bring about an armed revolution in India.

But as destiny ordained it, the whole plan tailed through inner treachery, except a formidable rising at Singapore which was subdued by means of Japanese warships and Japanese mariners. As soon as the authorities got scent of the plan of the revolutionaries, the regiments suspected of complicity in the contemplated risings were disarmed and disbanded, and armed European pickets were posted around them. These soldiers were then sent over to the severest fighting zones in France. The Defense of India Act was at once proclaimed, and more than 7000 persons were arrested in the Punjab, U. P. and Bengal.

By 1916, the revolutionary organizations were scorched, though not actually killed. By this time another influence had appeared in the field of Indian politics in the person of M K Gandhi. His idealism and his sacrifice appealed greatly,to the minds of the youths, many of whom began to join in his non-cooperation movement. But the “Bardoli Retreat,” .as it was termed by the revolutionaries, and the subsequent set-back in the non-cooperation movement again gave impetus to the revolutionary movement. By 1924 we again see the springing up of secret revolutionary organizations. In Bengal, as usual, the old revolutionaries began to organize again, but a heavy blow was dealt to them by the Bengal Ordinance of 1925.  In U. P. and the Punjab, the different parties organized by Sachindra Nath Sanyal, Jogesh Chandra Chatterjee, Pandit Ram Prasad Bismil etc., combined and formed one party.

At a meeting at Allahabad, a constitution was adopted and the name of the party became “Hindusthan Republican Association.” It was this organization that Bhagat Singh joined when he shifted to Cawnpore. His party name then became “Balwant,” under which name he used to contribute articles occasionally to the magazines .Cawnpore was then the headquarters of Jogesh Chandra Chatterjee, or Mr. Roy as his party-name was, was the Chief Organizer of the party and it was under Jogesh Chatterjee that Bhagat Singh began to work.

In 1926 (August 1925 is the date)  occurred the well-known Kakori train dacoity, in which the members of the H. R. A. held up a running train at Kakori near Lucknow, and looted the government cash that was being carried in that train. Vigorous police investigations into this affair led to ramifications of a wide-spread revolutionary organization, and the subsequent Kakori Conspiracy Case revealed many of their secrets. It was at this time that Bhagat Singh went back to Lahore.

You can’t force yourself to like bitter chocolates.

Certain jobs require distinct personality. There is little point in pursuing a job in communications if you are not an extroverted person who loves to interact with people. If your soul is bursting with passionate creativity, you are not likely to be content with a job in sales accounting.

Personalities is like shoe sizes. They are not subject to our choice or preference, but they can be occasionally fudged-with uncomfortable consequences.

It is neither an accomplishment nor a fault to acknowledge that some people can speak before large audiences and be exhilarated by the experience while others would be petrified. Some people can study an equation for years and still be fascinated by it, and others would long for human interaction and variety.

Realize who you are-what your true personality is-and choose a future that fits it.

Hardly a day goes by without at least one of his clients refusing to work with him. In fact, sometimes they spit up on him. But photographer Jean Deer loves his job.

He has taken hundreds of children’s portraits, and he is well acquainted with all the tricks of the trade to make a baby smile. Jean’s an expert in every funny face and noise imaginable.

“When it’s over-the parents-me, everyone is exhausted, but that’s usually a good sign.” Jean found that getting babies to flash their smiles wasn’t the only way to get a great picture and that a grumpy baby was just another source of inspiration. “I was taking a photo of this infant once who literally wanted nothing to do with me. He would not look up, just stared at the floor.” Jean got down on the floor with him took the picture from a perspective he’d never used before and wound up with one of the best pictures he’d ever taken.

The job requires two major traits, jean believes, “Not everyone can just hang out a shingle and call himself a photographer. It’s a matter of being patient and energetic and then capturing at the right moment.

“Even as people experience different phases of their lives, including career and family changes, their underlying personality remains constant after about age sixteen.”

                                                                                                                                                -Barto 1998.


Indigenous Tweets helps keep endangered languages alive.


Every 14 days, a language dies. But there’s a way to keep indigenous and minority languages alive: bring communities of speakers together.

A computer scientist and mathematics professor at St. Louis University, Kevin Scannell has been tracking the loss of languages. When we think about the severity of the situation, Kevin has to say this:

More than 1000 languages are listed as “severely” or “critically” endangered which means that only people in the grandparents’ generation or older still speak the language—without serious revitalization efforts, we expect these to die out with that oldest generation, in the very short term.

To help revitalize such indigenous tongues as Tamasheq, Dzhudezmo, and Anishinaabemowin, Kevin created Indigenous Tweets. The program scans Twitter for three-character sequences called “3-grams” that serve as a kind of fingerprint for statistical identification. The results are grouped by language and by Tweeter. So far, the program has uncovered more than 250 languages on Twitter, of which 139 could be considered minority or indigenous. The discoveries reflect real people speaking these languages today, not just translations of texts stored online.

Through Indigenous Tweets, those who speak minority languages can find accounts to follow — and potential conversation partners.

*In 2011 Kevin was on sabbatical at Twitter working in search relevance. He has since returned to teaching full time.

Donate to help save endangered languages at National Geographic.

Source: Internet.



Meet Charlie Loyd : The guy who got a job because of a tweet.


Charlie Loyd, a self-described satellite image enthusiast, perfected a better way to make maps with his customized approach to cloudless imagery.

He tweeted a sample of his work to five top mapping companies. One of them, MapBox, replied within three minutes.

That Tweet led to a phone call, an in-person interview, and ultimately, a job offer.

While Charlie’s experience happened very quickly, this isn’t the first time someone has landed a job because of a tweet. Job seekers use Twitter for industry-specific networking chats (see this community-built public Google doc for a list of times and industries) and as a way to highlight their best work.

It’s not just job-seekers who use Twitter. Increasingly, employers use Twitter for real-time recruiting. For instance, National Public Radio uses Twitter to find people who are the right match with the company’s needs and ethos. The organization’s head of talent acquisition, Lars Schmidt, observes:

“Successful recruiting campaigns are not just a broadcast of jobs. They are active campaigns to engage and interact with fans and prospects who are interested in the organization.”

His team developed a hashtag campaign to deliver an unfiltered view—straight from NPR employees—that gives prospective job seekers an authentic glimpse into the company culture.

He also points out that companies can use the platform to get an initial idea of the personality and communication styles of a potential hire by listening:

“There are companies who are listening and companies who are just broadcasting. How someone behaves on Twitter can be an indicator on how they will behave on the team.”

If you’re looking for a job:

Connect: Follow people in your field. Ask intelligent questions and follow up with links to your best work. Add a link to your portfolio or resume in your Twitter profile. Make sure your photo is current.

If you’re an employer:

Participate: Host a Twitter chat to join an industry conversation. Demonstrate your commitment to the community with your time and effort. Don’t just list jobs; promote your company culture and values.

Be nimble: Monitor all of your company’s Twitter accounts to be able to respond immediately to promising candidates.

Make the first move: Seek out the best talent and take an active interest in their work. Ask thoughtful questions and offer to help facilitate a conversation with a shared connection, either within your company or broader industry.

Source : Internet.


The Sibling Bloggers

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Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m going to the blogger land.

Oh it’s true, It’s damn true!

When i first started blogging back in December 2011, i was praised a lot by my fellow friends and family who enjoyed reading my blog, what i didn’t know was, there would be a time when my siblings would also start blogging. One writes about her toilet seat ideas, No shitting!

Toilet Seat Ideas

And another one writes about her experiences and the changes she’s been through in her life, her writing is typically Indian ( Humko sab kuch OK OK chaltaa hain.) But she writes pretty meaningful things which will make you “Perpetually Lucid”

Be Perpetually Lucid

And then there’s me, a month ago, i thought i was the only warrior blogger battling against the world with my writing, but now, I’m not alone, I’m with two more far superior then me warrior bloggers, together we are THE SIBLING BLOGGERS.


My first Live Blogging Post: Euro 2012 Finals, Spain Vs. Italy

Spain Vs. Italy Coverage. Spain 4 Italy 0.

That’s it! this is how Spain wraps their Euro 2012 victory. Spain with the score of 4-0 have created history today. 

Less than 30 seconds left for Spain to win Euro 2012.

What a goal by Juan Mata and an amazing assist by Fernando Torres. Spain 4-0.

Are you Kidding me?!?! 4th goal scored by Spain.

Great finish, he timed the run beautifully. We were always bemused why Spain didn’t do better in the tournaments. But they’ve come together at the right time. You’d like to see them play the Brazil 1970 team. Look at the three passes Spain have created for the three goals – outstanding.

GOAL – Spain (Fernando Torres) 3-0 Italy 

Fernando Torres could be the first player ever to score in two different European Championship finals.

Fernando Torres comes in for Fabregas. 

Spain are camped on the edge of the Italy penalty area here, and they don’t look like they will settle for just the two goals here.

DI NATALE IS LIVING OFFSIDE! Again, the Italy substitute mistimes his run and is flagged offside by the official on the near side.

Italy are looking tired out there with 10 men. Spain have got to be the last team you would want to play with a numerical disadvantage, they control the ball so well. 

None of the five major tournament finals in the 21st century (World Cup European Championship) have seen more than two goals. Could this one change that?  

Fabregas turns away from Barzagli brilliantly to the left of the Italy box but is then dispossessed by a challenge from Bonucci. The defender tries to play a quick pass out to Balotelli but it is overhit and hands the ball back to Spain.

Spain Manager chewing some pan parag! 

The tempo has dropped since that injury to Thiago Motta, as Spain move into dominance mode. You can’t fault Italy for their effort though, they are still harrying and chasing for everything.

Pirlo whips the ball towards Bonucci at the back-post, but the Italian defender goes down in a heap with Sergio Busquets, with the referee deeming it a foul from the attacking player.

The Brazilian-born midfielder is helped onto a stretcher and taken straight down the tunnel here, just four minutes after coming on. What a shame for the player, and his team. Spain will now play the remaining 28 minutes with an extra man. As if Italy weren’t facing a big enough task!

Thiago Motta has only just come on for Italy, but he’s gone down clutching his right hamstring here. This does not look good for Cesare Prandelli’s side, Motta was their final substitute…

Pedro has looked very dangerous during this tournament when he has been brought on as a substitute in the second half of games, as his pace and trickery have caused tiring legs all sorts of problems. His linkplay with Alba in the second half of extra-time against Portugal was a highlight of Spain’s tournament!

SUBSTITUTION FOR SPAIN – Pedro on for David Silva

I’ve never seen David Silva sulk before, but he’s not happy about this at all.

He curls it towards the back post but Casillas stops it from reaching its intended target, punching the ball a long way to safety to relieve the pressure on his side.

SUBSTITUTION FOR ITALY – Thiago Motta on for Riccardo Montolivo

Third and final change for Italy.

Antonio Di Natale has made a difference, he is looking to get in behind all the time and he almost connects with a floating pass from Andrea Pirlo.

Spain then break again with Jordi Alba and another incisive pass is just cut out. It’s captivating stuff.

Tweet: “When do you think that they’ll bring Balotelli on?”

GOOD SAVE FROM THE MAN THEY CALL SAINT IKER!! Casillas blocks a well-struck effort from Di Natale before catching the striker’s subsequent cross from the rebound. Composed stuff at the back from Casillas there.

The game is stretched now as both sides hit on the counter. I think we’ll see more goals.

Fabregas dances into the box on the right and dribbles straight at goal. Buffon does well to flick the ball away from goal before Abate’s despairing lunge blocks Iniesta from hooking the ball into an empty net.

Spain want a penalty now as Sergio Ramos’s header is blocked by the hand of Leonardo Bonucci. Definitely strikes his hand, I’ve seen that given…

Just ridiculous football from Cesc Fabregas. He somehow dribbles past three defenders inside the six-yard box but then treads on the ball and it is hacked clear from inside the goalmouth. That really would have been game over.

KICK-OFF – Spain 2-0 Italy

Here comes the second half…

It’s the end of the First half and Spain are 2-0.


Cynical bodycheck stops Andres Iniesta in his stride.

We are very close to the end of the first half! 

Jordi Alba plays the ball inside to Xavi, and then gets on his bike to sprint 40 yards forwards to collect the return pass, which is perfectly weighted. The new Barcelona man then steers an immaculate finish beyond Gigi Buffon for his first international goal. Quality. 

Spain gets their second goal in the 41th minute. Well done by Alba and it was a good assist by David Silva too. 

GOAL!GOAL! It’s goal number 2 scored by Alba…..Good lord! 

Tweet: “Alonso is dominating Pirlo‬. Italy need some inspiration. Spain are tactically spot on.”

After 30 minutes, and according to Prozone, Italy have had 53% of possession so far. It’s the first time Spain have been in the minority at Euro 2012.

Italy very nearly hurt Spain, and it’s that man Antonio Cassano again. He unleashes a stinging drive from range which has Iker Casillas worried and the Real Madrid man has to punch it away.

It’s good stuff from Italy.

“Casillas doesn’t look convincing tonight, does he? You have to give Italy credit – they’ve stuck at it. Spain do look dangerous, though. But Italy have responded well, getting hold of the ball and passing it, and Spain have just gone sloppy.”

Tweet: “First blood Spain but Italy are beginning to settle…”

David Silva has now been involved in five goals at the Euros, with three assists and two goals. He’s some player.

Here’s our first sight of Federico Balzaretti down that Italian left, and he swings in a great cross which is destined for Mario Balotelli’s head until Iker Casillas gets a hand to it and turns it away. Mario gives it the thumbs up, and Italy are still alive and kicking.

You don’t want to give the ball back to Spain when they’re ahead. Technically Spain have six midfield players and they swarm.

Yellow Card Gerard Piqué

SUBSTITUTION FOR ITALY – Federico Balzaretti on for Giorgio Chiellini 

It was a wonderful move for the goal, but David Silva won’t score many headers. His header was the 22nd headed goal of the tournament.

What a tournament Silva is having by the way! That’s Two goals and three assists now for the Manchester City attacker.

A user on writes: “Watching Spain makes me realise why I love this sport.”

Another corner and more danger from Italy as Sergio Ramos has to awkwardly head over his own crossbar. This is a fine reaction from the Italians.

This match is getting Boring, boring Spain craft a gem of a goal.

What a fantastic goal silva and assisted by Fabregas. 

GOAL – Spain (David Silva) 1-0 Italy 

GOAL!GOAL! 1st goal from Spain Striker David Silva in the 14th minute.

Spain have found their rhythm now, pinging the ball about with absolute freedom. This is where Italy have to be patient and keep their shape.

Xavi hits the top of the nets. 

Sergio Ramos takes a dig from a 35-yard free-kick but blasts it high into the stands. Spain are beginning to press now, and Jordi Alba puts in a great cross to the back post but David Silva can’t quite get there.

Sergio Ramos and Mario Balotelli have already clashed twice in the first five minutes. That could be one to watch, two fiery tempers against each other. It’s a bright start here, as Carles Puyol and David Villa watch from the stands.

Here We Go! 

Gigi Buffon said in a press conference earlier this week that he thinks of his grandparents who died during World War II when he sings the anthem. He has produced another hugely passionate display there.  

Players of both the team are heading out and enter the ground, it’s National Anthem time. 

The Kids are running all around the stadium while the gigantic flags are been separated and we can see both the teams in line waiting to come out for the national anthem singing thingy!

Spain will start the match slow, they’re more like Floyd Mayweather, but Italy would love to start the match with a bang just like Rocky Balboa. 

60,000 fans are expected to be shown up to witness the final clash between Spain and Italy. 

Cesc Fabregas will lead Spain’s attack, with recognized strikers Fernando Torres and Alvaro Negredo starting on the bench. Italy coach Cesare Prandelli makes just one change from the semifinal win over Germany, with right back Ignazio Abate returning from injury to replace Federico Balzaretti. Mario Balotelli and Antonio Cassano will lead Italy’s attack in front of Andrea Pirlo.

Spain: Iker Casillas, Alvaro Arbeloa, Gerard Pique, Sergio Ramos, Jordi Alba, Sergio Busquets, Xabi Alonso, Xavi Hernandez, Andres Iniesta, David Silva, Cesc Fabregas.

Italy: Gianluigi Buffon, Ignazio Abate, Leonardo Bonucci, Andrea Barzagli, Giorgio Chiellini, Claudio Marchisio, Andrea Pirlo, Daniele De Rossi, Riccardo Montolivo, Antonio Cassano, Mario Balotelli.

Pedro Porenca examining the ground and Goal nets. The match referee is from Portugal.

How tough is Italy’s task vs Spain? Last player to score past Iker Casillas in a knockout game – Zinedine Zidane, and he retired 6 years ago.

Spain, Italy players out to inspect the Olympic Stadium turf; Xavi stares down on that grass, is it watered enough?

My prediction for tonight’s final match is Spain winning with 2-1.

So, this is the day where history will be created, either Spain will create history and win the finals and will be called the best in the world of soccer, OR, Italy will give the football fans something to cheer about when they strike an upset and win against the top dog Spain. Whatever the results, it promises to be cracker of a game and i expect it to be entertainment spectacle that it is!

When the first time Spain and Italy went head to head in a group stage match, it ended in  a 1-1 draw. I bet the teams didn’t forget about this and this time again they will face each other in the final.

Spain: If they win the final, they will create a milestone in the history of world soccer that they will gain three successive major tournaments (Euro 2008, World Cup 2010 and Euro 2012) and the first to retain the Henri Delaunay trophy.

Italy: If they win this one and create an upset, this will be their second win. The first time they won was in 1968. they really need to win this match to be mattered again. 

Spain: The centre-forward – if you can call him that – seems likely to be Cesc Fabregas. You can take it as a process of elimination – Fernando Llorente hasn’t featured yet, Fernando Torres hasn’t convinced, Alvaro Negredo was invisible against Portugal – but it’s probably more accurate to look at the midfield battle. In basic terms Italy have a 4 v 3 in that zone, and having struggled to cope with Andrea Pirlo when it was a 3 v 3, del Bosque will want the extra midfielder to compete there, and possibly to put direct pressure upon Pirlo.

Italy: Giorgio Chiellini should continue at left-back alongside his Juventus centre-back colleagues, and the real question is on the other side. Ignazio Abate is the natural option, but might not be fit. Christian Maggio is naturally right-sided, but is more of a wing-back than a full-back, so Federico Balzaretti is more likely to continue – he played well there against Germany, though is probably the weakest of the three players going forward from that flank, as he’s played at left-back for the past few years.

I will start the coverage and play-by-play text commentary when the match starts. I would recommend you to refresh the page after every 2 minutes. See you Soon!

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